August 2017

Tired of all those comments about how terrible your face looks due to acne, pigmentation, facial hair and scars? Some people may politely indicate that there is hope for improvement whereas others may harshly point it out amongst a social gathering leaving you flabbergasted and embarrassed. Here is how you can take good care of your skin and stop those comments altogether.

Visit a dermatologist

The solution to every skin problem is not acquired by watching tutorials or reading articles online. Sometimes, it takes an expert to detect the root cause of the problem and which treatment would be suitable to treat each skin issue specifically. Therefore, if the condition of your skin fails to improve after trying every possible home remedy or skincare product, then it would be recommended to visit a medical aesthetics clinic in Singapore to get the advice of a dermatologist in order to treat the problem.

Maintain a routine

Although, it may sound quite a task to follow a skincare routine every single day, it is extremely important that you do so. Regardless of how busy you are with work and other household chores, don’t skip your morning and evening routine as this could take a toll on your skin. Take out at least 10 minutes of your day to cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day. In addition, you must apply sunscreen before you step out of the house and a face mask at least twice a week to restore the nutrients back into your face.

Watch your diet

A common cause of skin problems could be the constituents of your diet. Consuming a diet rich in dairy products and oily foods could be the root cause of acne and issues related to oily skin such as blackheads and whiteheads. Therefore, limit the intake of these foods and increase the consumption of healthy foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Another culprit could be excessive sugar in your diet. So stay away from those candy bars and sodas if you wish to get rid of those pimples and acquire clear, healthy body.

Hydrate yourself

Most people tend to blame pollution and chemicals in certain products for the terrible condition of their skin. Whereas they fail to realize that a simple underlying factor that could be contributing to these issues is lack of moisture. Remember to keep hydrated by drinking loads of water throughout the day and by using a good quality moisturizer that would restore the essential oils back into the skin. However, if the condition does not improve using these techniques, you could opt for a skin booster injection that aims to improve the texture of the skin by restoring moisture back into it.

Give these skincare tips a try and watch those nasty comments turn into WOWS as people start asking how you managed to get such flawless, glowing skin.