December 2017

Though most people have been incredibly obsessive about their weight for aeons probably, fewer have looked at things from a health perspective. Needless to say, both go hand-in-hand. If your weight is not at what it should be based on factors like age and height, then something needs to change, because this directly translates to health complications like diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease which certainly should not be taken lightly. So if you have decided to make a lifestyle change, this might be prove to be useful.

Whole foodsThis means opting for food varieties that are made entirely in their purest form. So brown bread for instance, red rice and wholegrain instant noodles are a few options you can look at. Of course the change in taste may take some getting used to at first, but many who convert often say they cannot even tell the difference after a few weeks, and that they have never felt better. Wholegrains help keep you fuller for longer, as they take time to break down and digest so you reduce snacking through the day.

Go freshIn other words stock up on fruits and vegetables. You need not just eat them. You can actually come up with great recipes so you are not bored. Create different juices, smoothies, fruit salads and salads, and pair them with nuts and dressings for extra layers of flavour. Eating fresh and healthy does not have to be bland. You just need to be motivated enough; with the internet at your disposal, you can now experiment with any recipe of your choice.

Snack smartSnacking is one of your biggest enemies when it comes to controlling your weight, so you may as well learn to snack smart if you must snack at all. We are often tempted to reach out to quick fixes such as biscuits, cakes, breads and other such empty calories, so firstly a change of mind-set is necessary. You need to steer yourself away from these options, and instead turn to alternative like low fat noodles in UK for instance if you are really craving comfort food. Carrot and celery sticks are all well and good, but you know if we are being honest here, they are not exactly comforting!

Grill and bakeInstead of frying that is. We know that anything fried tastes great, but frying can not only pile on the calories, but also the cholesterol. So look at other options such as grilling and baking for healthier alternatives. We also know that it is not exactly the same as frying, but hey no pain no gain right? Plus, it is not all that bad. Grilling and baking foods bring out whole new textures and flavours that will make you discover a whole new culinary world.