All About Self-Love

With the rise of more awareness about body image issues and other related health conditions (obesity, undernourishment, anorexia, body dysmorphia etc.), a corresponding concept also became popular across social media: self-love. Basically, self-love means loving yourself and accepting everything about yourself without feeling that you are less than who you are. It is easier said than done however; a large percentage of the population, especially teenagers, have problems loving themselves as they are, and go to drastic extremes trying to ‘better’ themselves. Here are some of the ways you can practice self-love:

Stop Looking
This is not something that Veronica Roth dreamed up for Divergent. People actually stop looking into mirrors because they find that the less we look at ourselves, the less critical we are and the less we tend to worry about our appearance. Someone who has been having freckles treatment because they think it is unsightly will eventually stop thinking or even caring about it. To make it easier on yourself, start off with one or two-day challenges and then increase it to a week where you don’t look at your reflection. This does not mean that you have to avoid your reflection all the time. It simply means not actively looking at a mirror – an accidental glimpse in a store window is fine.

Change Your Lifestyle
Plastic surgery for invisible flaws is a bad idea but trying to change an unhealthy lifestyle in order to be healthier and look and feel better is not. There is no denying that eating right, exercising properly and taking care of yourself will result in a more appealing look – and it has nothing to with skin colour or size. Reducing the amount if oily, fatty foods you eat is a great pimples treatment in Singapore and it will help keep cholesterol levels down as well. working out will make you and your immune system stronger, and a side effect is toning your body and helping to keep your weight stable.

Practice Being Positive
Self-love is all about reminding yourself how great and wonderful you are. If you constantly think badly of yourself, write down what you like about yourself (I have a great smile, I love my fingers, my butt looks great) and pin it up in different places around your house and at work around eye level. This way you will constantly be exposed to encouraging statements that will remind you to keep things positive. A happy outlook on life will reduce stress and tension, helping you to live a better life overall. Happy people are less likely to care about what others think anyway.