Importance Of Cleaning Our Air Conditioning Units

The summer heat gets to all of us and at some point or the other we do crave for a cool breeze to make the heat go away. This is why a lot of would invest in an air conditioning unit to keep the heat at bay. What most people don’t realize is that these units need to be cleaned properly every once in a while to ensure that they continue to operate without giving you any problems. I doubt anybody would want their unit to be broken in the peak of summer when they really need it. Cleaning the unit regularly will also make it easier for you to spot any problems in the machine or any parts that needs to be repaired and such.

An aircon service does not come cheaply and as such I am sure you would be tempted to do the job by yourself. Cleaning it out is not exactly that hard if you follow a few basic guidelines. Through the course of this article I will show you some of these guidelines. One of the obvious things to do before you start cleaning is of course to make sure that the unit is properly switched off, to be even safer I would advise you to switch it off from the circuit breaker itself. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Now you can start either with the outdoor unit or the one inside. With the unit outside a good place to start cleaning would be the tubes that connect the unit outside to the unit inside. You can go a step further and ensure that you clean the coils properly as well. Be careful when you clean them though.

Next in terms of aircon servicing you need to give the unit a good hosing down to clean out any dirt or grime that has accumulated inside the unit. For this purpose you should make sure that any wires and important parts are covered properly by something like a plastic sheet before hosing the unit down. Afterward you should make sure that unit is properly dried before fixing back any pieces you removed to make the hosing down easier. Though I would not go into detail keep in mind that certain parts would have to cleaned in a certain manner. You should read up on this online before you attempt any cleaning. You wouldn’t want to break the machine in the process of cleaning it do you?

The unit inside also needs cleaning. Do not attempt to hose that down though. You may clean it using water but not too much. Perhaps in the form of a moist rag would be a good idea. Make sure that you properly dry the indoor unit as well before moving on. This process of drying is important as to ensure that the machine does not short circuit when switched back on. But overall you need to ensure that both outdoor and indoor units get properly cleaned every once in a while. If you don’t clean them properly for a long time you could even get sick from breathing in the air coming from it. So understand the importance of cleaning it regularly and do so dutifully.