Top 5 Basement Transformation Ideas

If we are to take a pick on the most ill-used parts of our homes, we’ll probably pick the basement. Often, people use their basement as a storage area for all the things they’d probably never use, or as the ill lit laundry room. But with a little change, and a few adjustments, the basement can be easily transformed into something much more worthwhile. If you are looking to bring about a change in your basement, then here are a few of top basement transformation ideas.
• Turn it into an apartment – If done right, you can turn your wet and dingy basement into a cheerful apartment worth living in. You can use it for visiting friends or for a more private place for your grown kids or parents living with you. You can even rent it out to earn a little extra cash. Talk to a professional contractor about your wet walls, in case you’re worried about it.
• The game room or the home gym – if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on the basement, then the apartment may not be the right choice of transformation for you. Transform it instead into a home gym. Apart from getting the equipment and perhaps a full-length mirror, you wouldn’t need to do a lot of changes—not even waterproofing in Singapore! Likewise, a game room too can be achieved without spending extravagantly.
• The home theater of your dreams – watching a movie on TV often gets irritating because of outside noises and the light interrupting the theater like feel. In this case, the basement is the perfect place to situate your home theater. Soundproofing the basement can further enhance your theater experience, and keep the noise from seeping into the other parts of your home.
• The kids room or apartment – sometimes, it feels like all you can see around your home is your children’s things. From their books to their toys, they seem to spread out all over your home, despite you trying to keep it clutter free. Transforming the basement into “their apartment” will help to keep it all restricted to one area.
• The home office or study – if you are someone who works from home, then you are sure to be well aware of the distractions that working from home entitles. From kids, to neighbors or even phone calls, they all seem to need your attention while you’re buried in work. Transforming the basement into a home office will help you separate yourself from the chaos; and give you more chances to concentrate on your work.