Consult The Doctor When Having Pain In Stomach For More Than One Day

Consult The Doctor When Having Pain In Stomach For More Than One Day

Are you suffering from the problem of the large intestine and you think there could be something major in it. Never ignore the problem, the minor problem of the present leads to a major problem in the future. Sometime, it also gets developed into some cancerous diseases. To avoid such situation to come, it is recommended that you consult a good doctor and discuss your problem with them.

Why you need to worry about constant stomach pain?
In the stomach of the human being there are two intestines present. One is a small intestine and one is the large intestine. The function of both the intestine is different. The large intestine in the human stomach is also called as colon. When cancer cells develop in this part of the stomach, then it is called as colon cancer in Singpaore. It is a one of the most common types of cancer and its treatment is now available all over the world. However, in-order to treat this type of cancer, the problem needs to be identified at the first stage.

Common symptoms for the problem related to large intestine
The large intestine of the stomach is a part where food centers, in the large intestine, nutrition of the food is absorbed and then it is moved to the small intestine for the complete absorption of nutrients present in the food. When a problem comes it the large intestine, then the body shows some signs. These signs could be related to colon cancer and could be not. But, the problem should never be ignored. Doing this is just like giving an open invitation to major diseases. So, the signs that are commonly shown by the human body when some infection of the problem comes to large intestine are:

• Continuous pain the lower part of the stomach.
• Pain after eating the food.
• Loss of appetite.
• Sudden fall in the body weight.

When you feel any of these problems or all of this problem in the stomach for a long period of time says for a day or two and even after taking precautions and general medicines, if the problem remains then consulting the professional in the field is the perfect and apt idea.

The professionals use the colonoscopy technology to check inside of the intestine and understand the exact reason of the problem. By taking proper treatment of the diseases or the problem, its bad effect could be removed easily. And you will have a fit and healthy life.