Disadvantages Of Living Alone

Disadvantages Of Living Alone

You might be living in the city all by yourself due to college or work. It might be a new experience for you; away from your family and friends. The night lights, busy streets and the endless entertainment must have gotten the best of you. Even though you have all the freedom you need, living alone can be a bit difficult on you due to the following disadvantages.

1. Loneliness and lack of companyIt is quite obvious that you will feel lonely since you might not have anyone of your own in the city. Your new friends and colleagues may not be the best support you could ask for. It can be very difficult the first few weeks since you are sure to feel homesick. There is a very common saying, ‘no man can live as an island’ which means that people find it hard to survive being isolated. You would often remember your mom’s homemade food while eating your oriental instant noodles in UAE.

2. Boring lifeThe city is a place full of activity; with the shopping malls, nightclubs, high-end restaurants, movie theatres, galleries, museums and many more. However, there is a possibility that you would still feel bored on your day off. People in cities are always busy with their own lives. They hardly have a social life due to the rat race of earning money. Hence you might not find a few friends who would join you for a few drinks, leaving you bored at home. There could be nothing worse than spending your weekend in your cramped-up apartment, eating instant noodles that is inexpensive convenience food while watching a movie.

3. Lack of safetyThe easiest target of a mugger or robber is someone living alone. Hence, you could be under great danger with regard to your safety. Always ensure that you live in a safe neighbourhood and keep frequent contact with your neighbours since they will be the closest people to help you out in any dilemma. With busy lives, city people hardly have time to pay attention to others and hence it could be difficult to associate with them. So, the best solution is to be prepared at all times. Keep pepper spray with you and if possible, take some Kung Fu classes.

4. No one to helpAs mentioned before, due to their busy lives, people in the city do not have time for other. So, if you do not have a roommate and you fall ill, you will probably have a very hard time. There would be no one to take care of you. So, try to make some good friends who could help you in such situations.