Keep A Healthy Skin

Keep A Healthy Skin

How does it feel like to be waking up and seeing your reflection with perfect clear, baby skin? I bet that’s every girl’s dream when it comes to beautiful skin. Who would ever want to see scars or acne spots all over the face? We know there are lot of products on the market that claim to work to glam up your skin just like the extra multi-vitamin pills that says they work in making your skin, hair, nails look extremely healthy and fabulous in just less than two to three months!

When it comes to healthy and clear skin, I cannot emphasize more on the importance of having a good balanced diet in a regular day. It’s so important to be able to understand that you are what you eat and no matter how much you try to apply a lot of cream or different products on your skin, it won’t be able to do much of a change if there is no nutrient that nourishes your skin. Eating a lot of greens, good vegetables, fruits and fish rich with omega oil could help you intake all what you need to absorb into your skin and promote your skin health. Apart to the main food intake, you need to have a good skin care routine. Here are some of the habits you could incorporate into your day to day lives.Cleanse

Washing your skin with a good face wash, scrubbing and cleansing it is a daily essential. You sweat and dirt collects on to your skin in your pores which causes to get acne and pimples. Therefore, it is a must to keep them clean and purified. We all know that, girls like to wear a bit of make up on a regular basis to look a bit more presentable than that of the usual looks but how many of us actually put an effort trying to take them off? You must use Bioderma makeup remover or any product that you have that works well on your skin to take off whatever foundation or highlighters dabbed on to your skin.


After cleansing properly, you must always use a good moisturizer like Nivea creme or anything you think works just as good to keep your skin well-conditioned. Otherwise cleansing will take out the oils and moist on your skin leaving it dry and flaky. Another good habit is to use a peel off mask or skin rejuvenating mask to help enhance the beauty of your skin.

These are two of the main habits you can add into your daily skin care routine and witness great changes with each passing day.