Most Common Transmission System Problems

Most Common Transmission System Problems

Getting to know your vehicle is a must if you own one. Also, if you don’t own a car, knowing systems that help run a vehicle can always come handy. Most of us know the basic concepts behind the engine and main mechanical parts of a vehicle that connect wheels with an engine. Also, a majority of car owners know some common problems with engines and reasons behind them. But many of them are not familiar with common causes behind a malfunctioning transmission system. Knowing about the transmission system is an absolute must if you are a driver because this is the system that connects engine with wheels, matching output power of engine with everything else. Following topics discuss some of the most common problems in transmission systems. Understanding the reasons behind them and possible solutions will help you to have a smooth ride.

Delay in response
This is one of the most common faults in both manual and automatic transmission systems. Also, this can cause fatal accidents if you don’t take it seriously. If you are having a car gearbox problem, first thing you have to do is to check the response time of your transmission system. If you can feel a delay in shifting a gear or if your car hesitates to shift in to a certain gear, then it is time to take your car for a service. Identifying this might be a little hard in automatic transmission systems but in manual systems, you will feel like engine is overloaded. Most of the time, manual transmission systems can be repaired by replacing clutch plates however, you have to go to a qualified mechanic.

Unwanted noises
Again, this fault is difficult to identify. Obviously most of the cars make noise and it is quite hard to determine and differentiate those noises. If there is something severely wrong with your car’s transmission system, it will make a buzzing, humming or whining sound, alarming that something is wrong. Even though manual transmission systems make more noise, you can differentiate unwanted mechanical noises from transmission system. Your car making noises may seem like a simple problem, but the causes behind these sounds can be critical. An over worn bearing can cause a lot of trouble and it can be dangerous as well.

Transmission fluid
Transmission fluid is responsible for the smoothness and optimal operation of your car’s speed variations. If your car is low on this fluid, that will affect all the operations directly. Loosing transmission fluid can happen because the fluid is expired or because system has a leakage. Both way, replacing transmission fluid is easier and you don’t have to fully repair gearbox.

These are some of the most common problems related to transmission systems and there is a lot more. Always get familiar with common causes and it will always become handy.