Tailoring Versus Alteration – Pros And Cons

Tailoring Versus Alteration - Pros And Cons

We often think that the alteration is all that is required to make a general garment purchase fit you right. That is what we resort to in most of our regular purchases. However, when it comes to special occasions like marriages, you want your dress to fit you like a dream. In such a case you might want a customized or tailored dress. Here are some differences to keep in mind when it comes to alteration or tailored fits.

When an altered dress works?There are certain instances when the alteration is the only viable option, especially if you wish to buy ready-made dresses. Whether you purchase a brand new designer dress for your wedding or consider cheap wedding gown rental in Singapore, these are dresses that come in standard sizes. There might be certain alterations required in order to ensure that the length as well as the waist, sleeves and other dimensions fit you well. However, a ready-made garment will have certain design elements that are made as per a certain fit. Hence, alterations are usually limited to certain inches around the waist or the height of the dress, around the sleeves or the neck but not as extensively as the design allows.

Tailoring optionsWhen you opt for a tailored wedding dress, you get to start from scratch. If you have a wedding gown design in mind you can sketch it out or ask a bridal tailoring service to sketch it for you as per your instructions. The measurements are taken accordingly and you get a choice of fabrics, colors and lining materials to choose from. This also helps you plan your wedding gown as per your budget. Usually a gown rental will cost less than a tailored dress, but the latter might be a more affordable choice than a designer couture outfit. However, the time span for a tailored dress is much longer for which you need to plan for it from before.

How to plan?It often depends on your body type and the kind of wedding dress you have in mind in order to decide on your options. For instance, if you love a wedding dress by a designer which is within your budget and the fit is great, then your wedding gown purchase is done. On the other hand, you can also opt for wedding gown rentals, which can be altered to fit you well. In case you cannot find the perfect dress or fit, the other option is tailoring. For such choices, it is best that you start shopping weeks in advance.