The Biggest Problem Of Teenagers- Pimples

The Biggest Problem Of Teenagers- Pimples

Pimples or acne is very common among teenagers. It happens when an oily substance known as sebum clogs pores, causing them to build up above the skin. Although pimples are not a serious skin disease, it may be serious if severe and can cause scars. If so, you need to consult a good surgeon and get yourself treated.

Acne can be of different types. It may come as blackheads where black bumps come up over your skin. The black colour may be caused by bacteria, dead skin etc. White heads is also a possible type where white dots appear due to oil being collected under the skin. Sometimes there could conditions where the affected area might be swollen. This is a serious condition and is known as papules. Cysts are deep, pus filled pimples. The type of pimples that would affect you can change from person to person due to skin types, genetics and other reasons.

Though the cause of pimples has not been exactly identified, genetics, hormonal changes, changes in skin types, stress etc. are the most commonly believed causes. Excessive use of cosmetics is also a major contributing factor. If you avoid using such greasy cosmetics, you can avoid pimples too.

Pimples can be treated easily since they are very common. Acne scar removal can also be done by laser treatments. You can visit your dermatologist for further assistance. There are many over-the-counter remedies too such as gels, creams, soaps and even multivitamin pills. You can even use natural home remedies such as ice, toothpaste, lemon, tea tree oil etc.

To prevent pimples, do not over-wash your face by using harsh soaps and scrubs. Pimples are not totally caused by oil and dirt so if you thought of washing your face every hour to keep it oil and dirt free, you better think again. The use of harsh soaps can leave you skin irritated and dry, making it more prone to pimples. Do not use oil-based beauty products. Always go for soft and natural makeup rather than greasy ones. Another point to remember is to not squeeze or pick blemishes. This will cause bacteria to go deeper into the skin which then will aggravate it, not forgetting the scarring. This may cause pigmentation problems too, so the last thing you need is pigmentation removal in Singapore other than the pimple treatment.

Pimples have caused severe confidence breakdowns in teenagers. This may lead to frustration, depression and other serious mental health issues. Hence, you should not let acne define who you are. Be confident and move forward, you pimples will subside in no time.