What An Employee Expects From A Company

What An Employee Expects From A Company

An employee may a person recruited to the company in a formal level, but their importance flows beyond any formality. Their significance to the organization can in no means be calculated as they are considered to be the most valued that a company can ever hold. However, in return for what they supply the organization, they do expect a return from the employer, and this is not only the basic salary that they receive. There are many other expectations of an employee from an organization that you need to be aware of; below are some of the hand-picked ones which might enlighten you.

PurposeDon’t ever be fooled that the only thing they want is to receive a pay check at the end of the month. No! They want a purpose of their job. They demand to know how much of value adding that they can offer to the total process of the organization and although it might not be possible to evaluate it quantitatively, at least giving them an idea on their importance to the organization will be important. Most of them stand on the concept of wanting to make a difference. Therefore, make them feel that they are making a difference in your organization.

GoalsTell them about your goals. If you want to improve the teambuilding companies in Singapore among employees in achieving the organizational goals, you must ensure that they have a clear idea on where the company is heading to. Now having a clear view of the ultimate target will not drive them to do work. Most importantly, these goals need to be attainable and measurable. You need to be able to set goals that an employee can clear contribute their efforts to. For instance, you must tell them the target market, how much you expect as profit and the future plans for the product or service of the company.

SafetyEmployee safety must be maintained at all times. If there was a sports carnival organized by a sports event company and an employee got injured, necessary first aid supplies should be available for the patient to be treated at that very moment. Not only that, especially within office premises, all safety measures need to be taken including the ‘Wet floor’ board that cautions those who walk by. If you are interested about Sports Events you can visit this site https://playergroup.com.sg/player-sports/.

FlexibilityThis focuses on the employee’s efforts. If they work for additional hours, the company should be able to pay them for Over Time (OT) hours they had been working in the office for. Similarly, they will also expect the employer to grant leave when a valid excuse is represented.

Therefore, it is important that the organization ensures on fulfilling these employee expectations while they are recruited in the company.