What Are Industrial Brakes?

What Are Industrial Brakes?

Industrial brakes are devices that stop and hold a specific position without any motion. There are different types of brakes and brakes have many applications. Brakes can be broken down to many categories. Each category is unique and but they all serve the same or similar purpose.

Initially industrial brakes can be broken down into two categories, the holding break and the dynamic break. A holding is used to hold a component in position once it’s stopped. This break holds the component in place with no motion what so ever. A dynamic break is the break used to stops a load. AS example a holding break is used to keep the vehicle it one place. The dynamic break is used to bring the car to a halt when moving. Most mechanisms need the brake to perform both holding and dynamic functions.

Breaks are also classified by their method of working. These include mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic. Most companies create breaks that use all methods. Example includes the Coremo caliper brake which is available in electric, pneumatic and or mechanical.

Electrical brakes
Electric brakes as the name suggest work via the electricity. While electricity is supplied to the coil, the coil acts as a magnetic field and the unit is engaged. Similarly the electricity released break work the other way which includes the break being released when there is electricity. The main applications of electric brakes include trains and trams. These breaks are used when pneumatic and hydraulic power is not available.

Mechanical breaks
Mechanical brakes are brakes when part of the unit is physically moved from disengage position to engage position or vice versa. Mechanical brakes have a locking mechanism therefore when the break is engaged or disengaged it will remain in that position. Some of these breaks have an additional disengagement mode is used when there is an overload. The main advantage is the ability to use these brakes with no power source.

Pneumatic / Hydraulic brakes
These breaks are also known as air or hydraulic breaks. This method uses a forced piston against a pressure plate that squeezes a set of friction discs together. This breaking method is used in all vehicles and one of the more popular methods. For industrial use the pneumatic Combiflex brake in Malaysia which is also the most used break system in the world.

There are various types of brakes that are used. Further we may be mostly aware of the breaks that are used in vehicles but its application range from medical equipment to printing devices. There are many types of complex brakes that have specific uses. It is a large industry and continues to grow larger.